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OAS Virtual Fitness Club 

Active Global Fitness (AGF) adopting the sharing economy concept, One Active Space (OAS) concept aims to optimise the fitness resources in Singapore through its establishment of virtual network of fitness facilities and trainers and the provision of high quality fitness opportunities ranging from wellness to specialised programs for high physical demand industries.

Program Schedule


X-Circuit (PM)

HIIT Run-based Circuit Training- High intensity training strength and conditioning training suitable for runners who wish to improve their running performance.

7pm - 8:30pm

Use the invite code: RFL0WN



Running injuries are very common and can be very frustrating. However, you could keep them at bay. Join us for a 45-minute X-Rehab session every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

7pm - 8:00pm

Use the invite code: RFL0WN




BodyArt is a functional movement training system that balances strenght, flexibility and mental concentration. The classes are performed barefoot using body weight with breathing techniques to enhance your performance

7pm - 8pm

Use the invite code: RFL0WN


Endurance-based Circuit

HIIT Endurance-based Circuit Training.  High intensity full body workout with focus on functional strength and conditioning.  Suitable for participants with higher fitness level and wish to further improve their muscle endurance and aerobic fitness.

7am - 8:30am

Use the invite code: RFL0WN



Time: Meet at 6:45am, 7am (Flag Off)
Venue: Stadium MRT EXIT B
Parking: Stadium carpark area C or Carpark 4
Distance: 15km (pace: OTOT)
Baggage: Keep inside the car 

7am - 9:00am

Use the invite code: RFL0WN

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