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Senior-centric Programs

We strongly believe that Graceful Ageing is achievable through fitness. Being functional fit to do what one loves to do is pivotal to individual’s motivation to stay active and slowing the onset of frailty.  

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Nature Walking Program

Walk-in-the-Park, literally.  Take a stroll and build fitness while embracing and drawing energy from the nature.  Park walks could be the most enjoyable way to maintain fitness routine with your buddies and love ones.


Advanced Functional

Fitness Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not necessarily just for the young ones.  With careful design and management, HIIT can also be safely conduct to reap positive fitness outcome for seniors.

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Exercise-with-Mum Virtual Class

Octogenarian Workout.  Spending time and exercising with our love ones to empathize with their vulnerabilities and rekindle invaluable bonding.  After all, they held our hands when we were learning to walk.


Mountain Climbing for Seniors

Self-actualization is ageless.  The program aspires to prepare seniors physically and mentally fit to climb mountains, ideally one per year.  Having the next peak on sight would serve as both the physical and metaphorical objectives to stay fit.  

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