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Starters Program

We believe that it is never too late to get started, regardless of age. Furthermore, we stand by the mantra "If you don't use it, you lose it". 

Our starter programs are designed for individuals looking to start/restart exercising and is unsure of what and how to do. Besides learning the know-how and basic exercise techniques to build a regular exercise routine, our focus is to help one develop better posture, move better and graduate from a sedentary, towards a more active lifestyle in a safe environment alongside like-minded peers!


Adopting a progressive approach, participants will gradually strengthen themselves functionally through various workout regimes, and will be empowered with the movement abilities to adopt and sustain an active and healthy living.


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Click here for step-by-step guide.

A Fitness program by Health Promotion Board

Singapore Sports Hub Gate 1
Yoga Classes
Bishan ST 22
Sengkang Sports & Recreation Centre
Pasir Ris Sport Centre