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Active Global Fitness (AGF) adopting the sharing economy concept, One Active Space concept where trainers and fitness facilities are optimized to provide high quality training and positive experiences. Collaborates with its network of fitness facilities and trainers to provide fitness programs for both corporate clients and individuals. Probably the largest network of gyms and studios in Singapore, AGF partners with over 20 global and boutique gyms, AGF provides fitness programs in most part of Singapore at more than 40 locations. 


Corporate Fitness Program

AGF provides a full spectrum of fitness programs ranging from wellness classes to specialised training programs for high physical demand industries like law enforcers, fire fighters etc.  It partners with corporate and government agencies to nurture a sustainable fitness culture and keep our workforce active and healthy. 


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We are contactable any time, and anywhere.  Give us a tinker or email and we will get back to you.

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